A major misunderstanding is to believe that others are guilty for your sufferings, that you suffer because of them. In reality all reactions to the world take place in your inner sphere. It’s not the world that needs to change - instead, your inner reactions need to.
This teaching is about the next step - beyond mindfulness. With the use of awareness in active form you don’t just notice, but are able to influence, directly. For example, you can use your consciousness to release the autopilot of emotions from your system.
Only through the use of awareness can you reach the True Self.
When thinking stops, you become thoughtless. But, what is left? What is that? What is that silence?
Have you noticed how the thinking mind works? We hear something, we comment. See or smell something - again comments. We comment everything, like children. All the time. And you believe it’s normal? Why?
There is only one goal in yoga: to restore a human to their rightful position in the hierarchy of creation and learn to direct life consciously, not to be driven by it. And of course, to reach one’s roots. To reach one’s actual potentiality.
Instead of emotions and the thinking mind, awareness should be placed as primary.
Life is not complicated. We ourselves make it complicated. There are three main reasons for that: untamed and random movement of awareness, automatic thoughts that do not correspond to reality and automatic emotions. These components also make up the list of things to gain freedom from.
When using awareness, that itself is neutral in nature, one experiences neutrality. To be neutral means to be adequate. It means to see events as they are – without glorifying, devaluing, distorting or changing them in any way.
Ignorance – this is the darkness. The goal is to become a seer. Only the one who is aware, a user of consciousness, is able to see.
Change starts from purifying the inner sphere. To release automatic emotions and concepts is the most important activity of all activities.
What happens to your problems, to your issues, if the accompanying emotion ceases to exist?
Your most important step towards stability and happiness lies in cleaning the inner sphere – consciously releasing your subconscious of the problematic reactions you once learned from others.
To be aware of your consciousness means to be in a state that is outside of karma.
If you prolong the process of noticing or become aware of your awareness, you become the user of consciousness. To remain aware, you need to continue using it.
Using awareness forms the foundation – your „eyes open up“. The picture becomes clear. This is why it has also been called enlightenment. This is the light – application of awareness.
The duration of your use of consciousness corresponds to the duration of your freedom. Rest of the time autopilot dominates, a program where everything is pre-set.
When you remain with noticing, the world opens up – you notice sounds, sensations etc. Every moment is a new discovery. As soon as you allow the subconscious to take over, your world collapses into being operated by programs, one after another.
In order to actually improve, there is little use from learning fascinating things or traveling to someplace in hope of experiencing something. Those bad things that you already have don’t disappear, do they? To become free of this weed, you need to outroot it, not just plant other plants next to it.
To discover True Self is the main goal for every person all over the world. To discover True Self means to reach the end of your search. Not just your current search for answers, but your infinite search. This is the ultimate solution, self-realization.
Once an automatic reaction is consciously released, it will never occur again. It’s disturbing influence in your life ceases completely.
You are taught that sufferings are a “normal” part of being human. Actually, they are absolutely abnormal. You can easily release them, be without them. Life without negative emotions is not only possible, but indeed natural for all people.
You only cling to positive emotions, because you don’t have any idea, that exists something even better, than good emotions.
Consciousness has seven active qualities, awareness being one of them. As phenomenas, the qualities of consciousness have nothing to do with emotions or thinking, the mind.
Mind and thinking do not form the cornerstone of wisdom, being smart. Instead, that cornerstone is your consciousness. Use of consciousness in active form is what makes humans smart, the true Homo Sapiens.
The life you live today is already robot-like, directed by automatic reactions - both good and bad ones.
You can change yourself only by practically doing it. Theory and opinions alone have little practical value.
However exquisite the emotions, high or important thoughts, none of them help you to reach awareness nor primordial True Self. The mind can only be of temporary use while purifying the subconscious.
What we consider to be our personality is the set of our most frequent reactions. Personality consists of emotions, thoughts and the resulting behavior. If you know how to change these components, a change in personality immediately follows.
The moment of an insight is the moment when God turns towards you with a smile.
In current worldview it is assumed that the brain produces consciousness, matter is considered as primary. According to my research, I propose a view that differs 180 degrees - the brain does not create consciousness. Consciousness is the base of your existence, it already exists and creates all else.

Ingvar Villido. Acharya Ishwarananda

February 2015 – Human 2.0 – the Conscious Person: Ingvar Villido, one of Estonia's most interesting educators has taught thousands of people to know their inner world and to change it – weekly newspaper Eesti Ekspress

By Greta Kaupmees, Weekly newspaper "Eesti Ekspress", February 18, 2015

Ingvar Villido, one of Estonia's most interesting educators has taught thousands of people to know their inner world and to change it. The people who have taken Ingvar Villido's courses acquire a capacity that to a bystander seems supernatural - a reliable capacity to accomplish anything in their lives. This reliable capacity is awareness.

Each one of us has patterns of behavior that don't support our desired outcomes. You want one thing, but it turns out quite different. You read some self-help books, you even realize what needs to be different in your life, but after a short while, you find yourself repeating the same erroneous patterns. But what to do so it wouldn't be like this?

The most prevalent and disturbing of the "day-to-day problems" are issues with relationships, health problems, unsuccessful struggles with the power of ingrained habits, money worries, inefficiency at work and too long days with too small results. Some may be successful in business but have problems with family. When both of these areas are fine, health issues may crop up. While the body is fine, the relationships with parents are not...

Knowledge and collaboration

Lilleoru educational center, also known as an eco-community, is located in Aruvalla near Tallinn. It's the place for Ingvar Villido's students to regularly meet, to acquire knowledge and to put this knowledge into practice in active collaboration.

Ingvar Villido's teaching is based on the consistent use of awareness - wisdom, insight, differentiation, intuition, inspiration - in all everyday activities. These people have completed the various stages of The Art of Conscious Change course series. The possibilities gained based on knowledge is precisely what links these otherwise very diverse people.

Fashion designer Reet Aus Ph.D. assures that the effect of Ingvar Villido's courses is multifaceted - the increasing awareness spreads to your body as well, making it much easier to take care of your health. "You notice more and are therefore able to prevent illness. This makes you more peaceful and happy, because you can be more in charge of your own wellbeing."

Most of the time, the effect of Ingvar Villido's courses is felt with a slight delay. The length of this delay depends on how actively you apply the simple and effective techniques acquired in the courses to your everyday life. Application to everyday life is precisely what they are made for - in order to use them, you don't need anything except ... awareness, of course.

Which one of us hasn't heard that your energy flows where your attention goes. Attention is awareness. Take a look at yourself - even while reading this text, your attention jumps like a drunken monkey to a sound that starts somewhere, to the odor wafting in from the room next door or to thoughts that pop into your head. Your energy is overexploited from this constant uncontrolled use and you wonder why you lack the strength to accomplish what you actually need to get done. It's because you waste your strength on these "spontaneously occurring" jumps of attention.

Thinking and emotions

The Chairman of the Board of Estonian Development Fund, entrepreneur Ville Jehe compares awareness to a miracle medicine: "Imagine there is a miraculous medicine that cures all our ills - the ones we know, as well as the ones we're not yet even aware of. Even more - imagine that this medicine has many side-effects, all of them positive: better concentration, increased insightfulness and wisdom, better contact with the world around you. This medicine is totally natural, and after acquiring the recipe, you can produce it yourself, for free, in unlimited amounts. Would you like to have this medicine? This medicine exists. It is called an ability to be conscious. Everybody has access to it. But, how do you learn to use it consciously and steadily?"

Contemporary society values thinking and emoting. Think a lot and you are smart. Feel a lot and you are good. How much has thinking as a process helped you solve your issues, in order to accomplish lasting changes? Nothing changes if you just think about it, with your pre-existing knowledge. The uncontrolled feeling of all emotions that "come up" seems to be of value. However, how good has this constant change of states made your life? Do you choose your thoughts and feelings, or do they choose you, and you just think or feel along with them? But what is the alternative? Certainly not dull insensitivity and forgetting of knowledge, like some might fear.

Ingvar Villido states that we value emotions and thoughts just because we've forgotten the real capacities of the human being. These capacities that are not anything unusual but a natural part of what belongs to every person, to every being that walks on planet Earth. It's just that most of us don't use them consciously. Based on an original method created in Estonia, Ingvar Villido teaches the discovery and skilled use of these capacities in Estonia and elsewhere in the world.

This teaching answers the demands of the new era - the time is not far when every employer is looking for team members who have started to consciously use awareness and the capacities to better understand, analyze, decide, solve and to create. This applies to both work and personal life. "When you put into practical use what you learn at these courses in overcoming the obstacles and taking care of the needs that come up or tackling the new challenges, you achieve a whole new level. I call this Human 2.0", says Ingvar Villido.