It is a major misunderstanding to think that others cause your suffering, that someone else is to blame that you suffer. In reality, all your reactions to the world take place within you. It’s not the world that needs to change - but your inner reactions.
This teaching is the next step, beyond mindfulness. Using awareness in its active form, you are not only the observer, but you are also able to directly influence things. For example, you can use your consciousness to release the emotions that activate on autopilot.
Only through the use of awareness can you reach your True Self.
When thinking stops, you become thoughtless. But, what is left? What is that silence?
Have you noticed how your thinking mind works? As soon as you hear something, a commentary arises. You see something or perceive a smell - again commentaries. We run a constant commentary in our thoughts, like children. All the time. And you believe it’s absolutely normal? Why?
There is only one goal in yoga: to restore one‘s rightful position in relation to all of creation and to take control of own life, not to be controlled by it. And of course, to reach one‘s roots. To discover ones real potential.
The use of awareness needs to be brought to the forefront, to use it as primary in the place of emotions and thinking.
Life is not complicated. We ourselves make it complicated. These complexities have three main causes: the “monkey mind“, or in other words, our inability to concentrate; thoughts, with different meanings, that do not correspond to reality; and emotions, which effect us in varying ways. These components also constitute the list of complexities, from which to free ourselves.
If using awareness, which is by nature neutral, one experiences neutrality. Neutrality means adequacy. It means to see events as they are – without glorifying, devaluing, distorting or changing them in any way.
Ignorance – this is „blindness“. The goal is to become a seer. Only he or she can be a seer, who is aware, conscious.
Change begins with the cleansing of the inner world. The releasing of emotions and concepts is the most important activity of all.
What becomes of your problem, when the accompanying emotion doesn’t exist anymore?
Your most important step towards stability and happiness lies in cleansing your inner sphere – consciously releasing from your subconscious all of the problematic reactions that you have ever learnt from others.
To be established in consciousness is to exist in a state out of karma.
If you prolong the process of noticing or become aware of your awareness, you become the user of your consciousness. In order to remain aware, you need to continue using it.
Conscious use of awareness is the foundation – your „eyes open up“. The picture becomes clear. This is why it has been called enlightenment. Conscious use of awareness - this is the light.
The duration of time when you are the user of consciousness corresponds directly to the degree of your freedom. The rest of the time autopilot dominates, a program where everything is pre-set.
If you actively use the skill of noticing, the world opens up – you notice sounds, sensations etc. Every moment offers a new discovery. As soon as you allow the subconscious to take over, your world collapses into being operated by programs, each running one after another.
In the name of personal improvement, there is little use in studying fascinating things or traveling someplace in the hope of experiencing something. The bad things you already have don’t go anywhere, right? You don’t free yourself of weeds by planting new plant cultures besides the weeds. You need to pull the weeds up by their roots.
Every person’s main goal is to discover their True Self. To discover one’s True Self means to reach the end of all one’s searching. This means an answer not only to your present searches for answers, but to your endless searches for answers. This is the ultimate solution, self-realization.
Once an automatic reaction is consciously released, it will never come back again. It’s disturbing influence in your life disappears completely.
You are taught that suffering is a “normal” part of being human. Actually, it is completely abnormal. You can easily release it, be rid of it. Life without negative emotions is not only possible, but indeed natural for all people.
You consider positive emotions to be so important, because you have no idea that something exists, that is even better than good emotions.
Consciousness has seven active qualities, awareness being one of them. The qualities of consciousness have nothing to do with emotions or the mind, thinking.
Mind and thinking are no cornerstone for true wisdom. The cornerstone for that is consciousness. The use of consciousness is what makes a human being truly smart.
Today your life is robotic, driven by both pleasant and unpleasant automatic reactions.
You can only change yourself by doing it practically.
However subtle your emotions, or high or important your thoughts, none of these can help you to reach awareness, or your True Self. The mind is only useful in a certain intermediate phase – the stage when you are cleansing your subconscious.
What we consider to be our personality is the set of our most frequently activated reactions. The personality consists of emotions, thoughts and the behavior resulting from them. If you know how to change these components, a change in personality immediately ensues.
A moment of insight is when God smiles on you.
According to the current worldview, the brain produces consciousness, matter is considered to be primary. On the basis of my research, I propose a view that differs by 180 degrees to this - the brain does not create consciousness. Consciousness is the base of your existence. It exists from the beginning and everything else emanates from it.
Your problems are not caused by thinking, but they are caused by automatic emotions and the too infrequent use of awareness.

Ingvar Villido. Acharya Ishwarananda

September 6, 2018 - The upcoming 10th anniversary of The Art of Conscious Change

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of The Art of Conscious Change, a gathering of the Alumni of the courses will be held.  

The 10th Anniversary of The Art of Conscious Change courses will be celebrated on September 8th by hosting the Gathering of the Alumni of the courses in Lilleoru. The event will be held in the newly-opened School of Practical Awareness.
The first course, which is now taking place under the name of The Art of Conscious Change was held publicly on March 7-8 2008. On March 7-8, 2018 Ingvar Villido presented his first book “Emotions. The Biggest Addiction of Humanity” which is based on the basic knowledge of his courses. The book became the best-selling book of the year within 6 months and is enthroning the rankings of the books ever since.

Celebrating its 10th anniversary, The Art of Conscious Change has offered innovative methods for raising one’s life quality with lasting results for more than 15 000 people. Based on unique methods, the courses have been held about 130 times within 10 years. Besides the different towns in Estonia, The Art of Conscious Change has also taken place in Russia, the United States, Austria, Germany, Brazil, Denmark, Luxembourg, and Macedonia. Because of increasing demand, the School of Practical Awareness was opened in Lilleoru in the summer of 2018.
The Art of Conscious Change is based on the new approach to human being and was developed by Ingvar Villido with 25 years of experience in teaching. Because of its revolutionary approach, it can even be considered as a new paradigm. Explaining its novelty by Villido: “The Art of Conscious Change gives a new view to everyone about themselves, making awareness as a priority.”

A book presentation of “The Stories of Conscious Change” will be held at the Gathering of the Alumni. The book is based on the experience of the people who have participated in The Art of Conscious Change. There are 14 real-life stories based on using the techniques taught in the courses which have found solutions to situations and problems which in common sense are unattainable. Depression, bankruptcy in millions and destruction of life work, children’s severe illness, food-addiction and bulimia, panic attacks, a need to divide oneself between 3 jobs and 3 kids, alcoholism, a rare disease declared incurable but also problems with family, relationships and even in intimate life can be conquered by using the techniques of The Art of Conscious Change.

Since increasingly more people have questions while practicing the techniques, an innovative and interactive format of Ask Ingvar will also be presented. The format will be activated at the event with the help of all participants. The website-based opportunity to ask questions from the creator of The Art of Conscious Change will be accessible via Ingvar Villido’s new international website