It is a major misunderstanding to think that others cause your suffering, that someone else is to blame that you suffer. In reality, all your reactions to the world take place within you. It’s not the world that needs to change - but your inner reactions.
This teaching is the next step, beyond mindfulness. Using awareness in its active form, you are not only the observer, but you are also able to directly influence things. For example, you can use your consciousness to release the emotions that activate on autopilot.
Only through the use of awareness can you reach your True Self.
When thinking stops, you become thoughtless. But, what is left? What is that silence?
Have you noticed how your thinking mind works? As soon as you hear something, a commentary arises. You see something or perceive a smell - again commentaries. We run a constant commentary in our thoughts, like children. All the time. And you believe it’s absolutely normal? Why?
There is only one goal in yoga: to restore one‘s rightful position in relation to all of creation and to take control of own life, not to be controlled by it. And of course, to reach one‘s roots. To discover ones real potential.
The use of awareness needs to be brought to the forefront, to use it as primary in the place of emotions and thinking.
Life is not complicated. We ourselves make it complicated. These complexities have three main causes: the “monkey mind“, or in other words, our inability to concentrate; thoughts, with different meanings, that do not correspond to reality; and emotions, which effect us in varying ways. These components also constitute the list of complexities, from which to free ourselves.
If using awareness, which is by nature neutral, one experiences neutrality. Neutrality means adequacy. It means to see events as they are – without glorifying, devaluing, distorting or changing them in any way.
Ignorance – this is „blindness“. The goal is to become a seer. Only he or she can be a seer, who is aware, conscious.
Change begins with the cleansing of the inner world. The releasing of emotions and concepts is the most important activity of all.
What becomes of your problem, when the accompanying emotion doesn’t exist anymore?
Your most important step towards stability and happiness lies in cleansing your inner sphere – consciously releasing from your subconscious all of the problematic reactions that you have ever learnt from others.
To be established in consciousness is to exist in a state out of karma.
If you prolong the process of noticing or become aware of your awareness, you become the user of your consciousness. In order to remain aware, you need to continue using it.
Conscious use of awareness is the foundation – your „eyes open up“. The picture becomes clear. This is why it has been called enlightenment. Conscious use of awareness - this is the light.
The duration of time when you are the user of consciousness corresponds directly to the degree of your freedom. The rest of the time autopilot dominates, a program where everything is pre-set.
If you actively use the skill of noticing, the world opens up – you notice sounds, sensations etc. Every moment offers a new discovery. As soon as you allow the subconscious to take over, your world collapses into being operated by programs, each running one after another.
In the name of personal improvement, there is little use in studying fascinating things or traveling someplace in the hope of experiencing something. The bad things you already have don’t go anywhere, right? You don’t free yourself of weeds by planting new plant cultures besides the weeds. You need to pull the weeds up by their roots.
Every person’s main goal is to discover their True Self. To discover one’s True Self means to reach the end of all one’s searching. This means an answer not only to your present searches for answers, but to your endless searches for answers. This is the ultimate solution, self-realization.
Once an automatic reaction is consciously released, it will never come back again. It’s disturbing influence in your life disappears completely.
You are taught that suffering is a “normal” part of being human. Actually, it is completely abnormal. You can easily release it, be rid of it. Life without negative emotions is not only possible, but indeed natural for all people.
You consider positive emotions to be so important, because you have no idea that something exists, that is even better than good emotions.
Consciousness has seven active qualities, awareness being one of them. The qualities of consciousness have nothing to do with emotions or the mind, thinking.
Mind and thinking are no cornerstone for true wisdom. The cornerstone for that is consciousness. The use of consciousness is what makes a human being truly smart.
Today your life is robotic, driven by both pleasant and unpleasant automatic reactions.
You can only change yourself by doing it practically.
However subtle your emotions, or high or important your thoughts, none of these can help you to reach awareness, or your True Self. The mind is only useful in a certain intermediate phase – the stage when you are cleansing your subconscious.
What we consider to be our personality is the set of our most frequently activated reactions. The personality consists of emotions, thoughts and the behavior resulting from them. If you know how to change these components, a change in personality immediately ensues.
A moment of insight is when God smiles on you.
According to the current worldview, the brain produces consciousness, matter is considered to be primary. On the basis of my research, I propose a view that differs by 180 degrees to this - the brain does not create consciousness. Consciousness is the base of your existence. It exists from the beginning and everything else emanates from it.
Your problems are not caused by thinking, but they are caused by automatic emotions and the too infrequent use of awareness.

Ingvar Villido. Acharya Ishwarananda

September 2017 – People are more and more aware of what they really need – top educator Ingvar Villido in business newspaper Äripäev

By Gerli Ramler, published in Estonian daily business newspaper Äripäev, September 29, 2017

According to educator Ingvar Villido, the winner of top training firms, the year 2016 showed that people are more and more aware of what they really need. 30 years of researching different disciplines from all over the world studying the human being led him to discover a real possibility for every one of us to solve our own problems and change our lives by becoming free of them.

Already for decades, Villido has been teaching methods for leading one’s life with awareness. Based on the experience gained from this, he has synthesized the Human 2.0 method underlying the five-part series of courses called The Art of Conscious Change. Villido confirms this to be the most easily comprehensible and practicable self-management method, which can be taught to all people not depending on their prior experience, education level nor religious beliefs.

Essentially, these are practical skills for any ordinary person living in the 21st century. Passing the courses gives a full set of tools for remarkably improving the efficiency of managing well in one’s life and its quality. Everybody desires stability, and the courses respond to this need by giving the most efficient skills known to exist in the world for consciously removing the thoughts and emotions that don’t correspond to reality from one’s life. It is a method created and developed in Estonia, comprising a cycle of courses, as well as lectures and study materials.

“I have helped already around 15,000 people discover their needs, while at the same time also offering them working solutions. As the information is spreading, more and more interested people are coming to our courses,” Villido says. “This is also what is behind the success of Human LLC as a company organizing the courses. At the same time, economic success is only something accompanying our activities, not their main goal. When you are offering something that people find useful and helpful, they agree to change the offered possibilities and values for the money they have earned in they jobs. The objective of Human LLC is to teach people how to become literally free from their problems, and this is something that everyone in the world needs. Therefore, the economic results that have now been acknowledged are only the beginning of our big job!”

During its four years of operation, Human LLC has never advertised itself. Instead, information about its activities has mainly spread through direct contacts. Also, their homepage got ready only this year. According to the educators, more important than Human 2.0’s market position is the further development of its teaching method in order to make it as well understood and practically applicable as possible for everyone in their everyday life. By the way, according to feedback, the level of satisfaction with The Art of Conscious Change courses stands at 96%.

What does Human 2.0 method do to us?

Human 2.0 method is based on the assumption that everything in the world is regular, while people’s reactions to it are not. Still, using the right techniques every one of us is able to change our inner world and open up our true, albeit forgotten capabilities.

“There is no sphere of life where you cannot apply The Art of Conscious Change techniques. You can use this method to overcome problems in all possible fields – health, relations, economic success – doing that by yourself and in the way that suits you best. Using it whenever needed, in real time and getting free of the problems in a definitive way is what makes the method novel and unique,” Villido explains.

The objective of Human 2.0 is a smart and wholesome human being. “You will no longer be a mere anonymous unit of society who can be easily manipulated with, but rather an appreciated person with valuable qualities. The well-being of our current society is not natural. Why else would the members of our welfare society be unhappy and not satisfied with their life? We believe our civilization to be highly developed, although actually we cannot help neither ourselves nor others... What people need is a new perspective to their life!”

Villido says that while neither science nor religion has offered working solutions to our endless problems, Human 2.0 has used the best parts of both, making it possible for a person him/herself to solve all the problems they might have, thereby helping to make the world a better place for us all. A person of the future must be much better in all aspects than we are today.

Conquering the world through virtual training

Human LLC has been expanding both geographically as well as into different spheres of life, and is now investing into the creation of a virtual environment which will enable to transmit the teachings also across long distances and into different language environments. The aim is that it would also serve as a practical support system for people who have passed the courses. Already now, The Art of Conscious Change, is a unique, universal and practical series of courses, has started to spread to different countries all over the world. This year, first courses were held in St. Petersburg and Moscow. There have also been courses in Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Brazil and Poland, and will soon arrive in the United States.

“As I have increasingly less time to organize courses in Estonia, I have granted permission to hold the first courses to three other teachers who have acquired the skills of practical use of awareness. Next year, new teachers of The Art of Conscious Change should also be added for satisfying the growing international demand,” Villido says, adding that teaching methodology has also been developed for school teachers and for teaching it in elementary and high school. First lessons at schools have already been held, which received positive feedback from parents. In the last three years, as the result of the work of hundreds of volunteers, the School of Practical Awareness has been built in Lilleoru, near Aruvalla village, where it has been planned to start giving trainings based on the techniques of The Art of Conscious Change starting next May.

“We are not planning to follow any trends, but rather looking for possibilities to transmit the knowledge which has already proved its practical value in the lives of thousands of people, by using ever more contemporary, state of the art channels,” says Villido. “I am moving in the direction of making those practical skills even more easily and readily accessible. This is what matters most at the moment!”  

“Become aware, separate your emotions from your thoughts, then first release the emotion, and then the concept. While continuing being aware, use intuition and inspiration whenever needed, leave unnecessary activities aside, and make your life as satisfactory and efficient as possible.” – Ingvar Villido’s recipe for happiness


The training that changed my life
Ville Jehe, an educator and student of Ingvar

"When building up the companies Uus Maa and Delfi, I was a frequent participant at seminars and professional trainings – always with the aim of improving my own ‘toolbox’ as a manager.

It was around eight years ago when I started getting tired of all those countless different approaches of how to get on with your activities even better, because by that time, when taken separately, virtually none of them brought any change anymore. This was when I stumbled upon information about Ingvar’s course, the description of which was distinctly different from any earlier ones, and decided to try this one as well. It is not an overstatement to say that those two days changed my life.

The techniques developed by Ingvar were efficient and gave immediate results – it was exactly what I had been looking for since long time ago. This is how, also as a surprise to myself, at the age of 40, I found a Teacher, and I hope my collaboration with him to continue for many years to come.

The Art of Conscious Change he has developed, which is contemporary and easily applicable, has become part of my life and daily activities, and during the last three years I have been teaching this knowledge also to others.

It is good to see that topics related to awareness and its usage (which elsewhere in the world are spreading under the name ‘mindfulness’) are reaching to an ever increasing number of people, and that there is an initiative in this field in Estonia, which undoubtedly will spread also to the rest of the world."

We are led by our inner world
Kaido Pajumaa, an educator and student of Ingvar

"I believe that Ingvar’s success derives from the fact that his training courses touch not only the sore spots of being a manager, an employee or an entrepreneur, but also those of being human.

It doesn’t matter what work we are doing or how successful we are – we are all led by our inner world. And this is exactly what Ingvar focuses on in his courses. The first step to achieving success is not efficient time management, but efficient self-management. And this can only be done by a person who is able to use awareness – to see oneself like a witness, objectively, and this way notice one’s thoughts, feelings and beliefs and make changes in them."